Nutrition Services

Have you been diagnosed with a medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes? Maybe you have weight loss goals and need help with your diet?

At EMCare2U we don’t just offer basic nutrition services. We take a multidisciplinary approach. A physician will first meet with you on telemedicine to determine if any additional tests or medications that need to be ordered. Our nutritionist will then be dispatched to your home. They will evaluate your current dietary, exercise habits, discuss your goals and determine your treatment plan.

After the initial consultation, you have the option of follow up meetings via telemedicine or in person. Our nutritionist discusses every treatment plan with the physician and we do our best to help you reach your goals!

Dr. Lydia Chowa, graduated from Loma Linda University, CA with a Doctor of Public Health Nutrition and from Capella University with a Doctor of Nursing Practice. She brings over 40 years of experience in helping people change their lifestyles and eating habits. She also brings 16 years of nursing experience. Her nursing experience includes leadership, medical surgical nursing, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and hospice.

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