In 2020, the Biden Administration declared the onset of a pandemic, thrusting us into an era of uncertainty and upheaval. In the subsequent months, COVID-19 infiltrated our communities, disrupting lives and claiming countless victims. Our collective resilience, however, led to a significant reduction in deaths, bringing us to the present moment. For many, it may seem that COVID-19 is a chapter of the past, but is that truly the case?

As schools have reopened, the CDC has reported a notable uptick in cases, accompanied by a surge in hospitalizations. Thankfully, the number of fatalities remains relatively low, and most cases result in mild illness. Yet, the reality is that COVID-19 is not fading away; it’s here to stay. Like the flu, we will receive advance notice of its seasonal return, and our primary defense will be prevention. Just as we prepare for our annual flu shot, we strongly recommend that the public prioritize getting their COVID-19 vaccine, with particular attention to those at heightened risk.

Who Belongs to the High-Risk Category?

High-risk individuals include those aged 50 and older, individuals with underlying medical conditions, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems.

Amidst this recent surge in COVID-19 cases, many are contemplating whether it’s time to dust off our masks and reintroduce them in public settings. What’s the consensus? In my view, given the rise in cases, wearing masks in crowded areas represents a relatively inexpensive precaution. I particularly emphasize that individuals at increased risk, especially indoors, should consider mask-wearing.

It’s undeniable that COVID-19 fatigue has set in. Public attitudes toward mask mandates are understandably complex. It’s essential for each of us to evaluate our unique circumstances and make informed decisions for ourselves and our families. If you live with individuals at higher risk, consider wearing masks to safeguard their well-being. Additionally, don’t forget the fundamentals of prevention, including regular handwashing, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep. Often, the bedrock of illness prevention rests in these healthy lifestyle practices.

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